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Tons of Touches

The “Tons of Touches” program is a ball handling and shooting program that is designed to encourage players to become more comfortable with the basketball in their hands.

The program, when completed, will result in participants touching the ball an equivalent to 10,000 times. There are three portions of the “Tons of Touches” program – Stationary Ball Handling Drills, Ball Handling on the Move, and Shooting Drills. 

10,000 Shot Club!

Starting on April 11th and ending on September 15th, 2024 - any player who attempts 10,000 shots will be recognized at the fall registration meeting and given an exclusive club t-shirt. Players must record their shots on the form below and complete the program prior to September 15th.

  • Shots have to be done on your own. In other words, shots at practice or camps do not count.
  • Partner up! Shooting with someone else makes it easier! Find a friend, teammate, brother, - sister, neighbor or parent to help rebound!
  • There's a workout already set up for you and a set of shots to take.  If you do the workout 65 times over the summer, you will have put up over 10,000 shots!

It's not as hard as it sounds! Combine it together with Tons of Touches program and you end up with a nice basketball workout! 

Click on the file below to print off the 10,000 Shot Club form!

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